Braces Cost in Boston, MA

Susan Baloul, DMD, MS, DScD, a dual-certified specialist in orthodontics and periodontics, understands cost should not prevent people from optimal oral health. Elegant Orthodontics offers several options to help offset braces cost for people living in Boston, Brookline, Norwood and Framingham, MA to make them more affordable.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

The treatment plan is customized for each patient, making the cost of braces vary. F actors that affect the cost include the actual braces, applying and fitting them, the appointments for treatment and a retainer to keep teeth in place once the braces are removed.

Dr. Baloul works hard to provide superior treatment and service to ensure the best and understands the importance of knowing how much braces cost. During a consultation, she discusses the cost in detail so there is a clear understanding of the cost and payment options.

At Elegant Orthodontics, we want to make braces as affordable as possible and offer financing through OrthoFi along with accepting cash, checks and major credit cards. Our staff strives to be knowledgeable about the cost and financing to make the process easier and less stressful.

Does Dental Insurance Cover the Cost of Braces?

Some dental insurance plans provide coverage for braces; however, most do so as an elective charge for coverage. We can help determine if a patient’s dental insurance policy provides coverage to help plan for the added expense. If it has not already been added to a policy prior to seeking treatment, it may be added the following year.

Are Braces an Allowable Expense with Flexible Spending Accounts?

Flexible spending may be used to pay for braces. It is necessary to know the parameters of an FSA to ensure proper credit within the plan. We provide documentation for proof of payment to help make the process easier.

Susan Baloul, DMD, MS, DScD, a dual-trained specialist in orthodontics and periodontics at Elegant Orthodontics, can answer any questions about how much braces cost for people living in and around Boston, Norwood, Brookline and Framingham, MA. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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