• Dr. Susan Baloul


Updated: Apr 23

There are so many new devices that dentists and orthodontists are able to use with the improvement in modern medical technology.  With these improvements in existing technologies and the creation of newer technologies, there are so many options available when you go to your next dental or orthodontic appointment.  Case in point is the AcceleDent, a new method for reducing the amount of time a patient might need to wear braces.

AcceleDent – like OrthoAccel and the Tooth Masseuse – is a dental vibration appliance. Specifically, the AcceleDent is a Class-II, FDA-cleared device that sends micropulses to dental braces in an attempt to speed up the alignment process and thus shorten the time of having to wear the braces.

AcceleDent Service For Boston & Norwood

AcceleDent first came out in 2012 and over the last seven years has shown a possibility for cutting the wearability of dental braces to nearly 50%.  That is significant, especially if a patient is supposed to have braces on their teeth for a year or longer.  The device works with traditional braces, clear braces, and Invisalign.  While this therapy is available for personal, at-home use, it is important to note that it should be paired with regular orthodontic visits.

It’s a simple to use device as well.  There are two pieces:  a mouth piece and an activator.  The mouth piece is placed into the mouth and it attaches to the activator.  Once the two pieces are attached and the mouth piece is inside the mouth, one simply turns on the activator and lets it run, making it a hands-free process that is completely safe to use.

The treatment not only helps speed up the alignment process for which braces are specifically designed, it also helps with leveling the teeth – that is making certain that as the teeth are properly aligned within the mouth that they are set at the same height.  The purpose behind this is to make sure that the tops of the teeth are parallel instead of looking like the line on an EKG readout.

But before investing in AcceleDent, it’s important to consult with your orthodontist to make sure that you are a solid candidate for the process.  AcceleDent – and other devices like it – are available by prescription only, so you can’t just call up the company or hit up their website and order online.  Talk with Elegant Orthodontics first, and see if it’s right for you.


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