• Dr. Susan Baloul

Children and Orthodontics

Updated: Apr 23

It’s always a fun time when your dentist recommends that your children see an orthodontist to better improve their oral health and to address their need for possible cosmetic dentistry.  But, where are you going to start?

Well, you could always just take the suggestion of whichever office your family dentist recommends.  That could work.  Or with a little bit of research, you could go with Elegant Ortho, one of the premier orthodontics offices in the greater Boston area.

Elegant Ortho is the best orthodontics office when it comes to working on the oral health needs for children.  Dr. Susan Baloul is a dual-trained orthodontics specialist.  With years of experience, the entire team in Norwood are ready and able to assist your children with their oral health needs.

They are well-versed and have a solid understanding of which types and systems of braces would work best should your children need them. With training in traditional, Ceramic, Damon, Invisalign, and Lingual systems, as well as training in applying them to the teeth of children, your children couldn’t be in better hands!

Parents are often concerned about the development of their children’s teeth and are also just as uncertain about what kind of treatment they need.  Elegant Ortho is able to provide every necessary treatment for your children.

If you have a child or children with crowded, broken, or misplaced teeth; thumb sucking; a popping sound when they open or close their jaw; early or late loss of baby teeth then you might need to make an appointment. And thankfully as stated before, Elegant Ortho can help in all of those circumstances.

So, if you live in the greater Boston area – especially Norwood, Dedham, Canton and Westwood – put on your khakis, grab you kids and your car keys and come set up an appointment with Elegant Ortho for all of yours and your kids’ orthodontic needs.


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