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Elegant Ortho is the Best Orthodontist Norwood

Updated: Apr 23

Best Orthodontist Norwood

Elegant Ortho is the best orthodontist in the Norwood Area.  Dr. Baloul and the entire staff at Elegant Ortho make it their personal mission to ensure every patient has confidence in their smile from the time they walk in the door to when their braces are removed.  Dr. Baloul understands the importance of how a smile will bring confidence to a person and she strives to provide a comfortable atmosphere where patients feel welcomed.

Dr. Baloul and the entire Elegant Ortho team pride themselves on treating every Norwood Orthodontics patient like their own family member. Our patients experience is of the utmost importance. We deeply care about each patient and we strive for outstanding personal service, providing cutting edge orthodontic technology and an exciting ambiance.

Elegant Ortho in Norwood is here every step of the patient’s orthodontic journey.

Dr. Baloul focuses on helping to restore self-confidence with a straight smile, is considerate and knows that each patient’s situation and needs are different. Dr. Baloul will come up with a game plan for each individual and will work with you to turn your smile into something you will be proud of!  She makes sure that while under her care you and your family a top priority.

The entire team at Elegant Ortho makes time with each patient and will go over all treatments and options. Each patients’ unique needs are taken into consideration and a customized treatment plan is created.  From the moment a patient walks through our doors, they will have an outstanding experience.  Elegant Ortho in Norwood firmly believes everyone deserves a healthy, straight and beautiful smile – and everything centers around our patients. We have state of the art techniques and have an experienced and compassionate staff which strives to provide the right dream with exceptional results for each individual need.

Elegant Ortho takes pride in servicing Orthodontics to the Norwood area.

Our office is conveniently located, making it easier for you to get an appointment and consistently keep up with your appointments as well.  Dr. Baloul is a highly trained orthodontist and makes safety and comfort a top priority. We encourage you to come and see what Elegant Ortho can do for you and your loved ones.  Please call our office today for a Complimentary Smile assessment and follow us on Facebook!


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