• Dr. Susan Baloul

Cosmetic Dentistry

Updated: Apr 23

Cosmetic dentistry has become a necessary business. And while most people look at the first word in that term – “cosmetic” – it really has nothing to do with plastic surgery in the slightest. Cosmetic dentistry is a term used to describe work done to improve the appearance of teeth, the gums, and the bite of a person’s mouth.

Orthodontists are primarily known for using braces, which are a well-known form of cosmetic dentistry. But the term “cosmetic” isn’t just about the visual aesthetic of a patient’s teeth. It’s also about improving a patient’s oral health as the teeth are developing.

Braces in particular – despite how unpopular they might seem – have come a long way from what they were even ten to twenty years ago. Forgetting all of the negative attitudes regarding braces, it’s important to understand that they are used for aligning a patient’s teeth so that they are straighter, better aligned, and less crowded.

Of course, when one hears the word “braces” they immediately think of the metal wires and brackets. These are the traditional form that braces take. But with the improvement in cosmetic dental technology, there are now newer forms of braces that have come on the market. One of the more popular forms is Invisalign, which has come out in the last decade or so. The major difference are how they are applied; Invisalign is a series of trays that the patient wears – except when eating or drinking – for two weeks at a time for anywhere between 18 to 30 months.

Another newer form of braces is the Damon system. They are like the middle ground between traditional and Invisalign. The Damon system is similar to traditional braces in appearance. The major difference is that while they are semi-permanent, they are self-adjusting.

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