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iTero Scanner vs. Impressions

Updated: Apr 23

iTero Scanner

Congratulations! You’ve officially decided to take the journey to a healthier and stunning smile with Invisalign®. Your first step is to visit your orthodontist to have a current impression done of your teeth which will then be sent to Invisalign® labs to have your personal aligners made. Traditional impressions and digital impressions are two different ways to have your compressions done that are commonly confused procedures.

About the iTero Scanner

At Elegant Orthodontics, our highly skilled orthodontists opt to use a state of the art iTero Scanner to take digital impressions of your teeth rather than traditional impressions. We feel that the iTero Scanner provides more efficient results than traditional impression; the 3-D scans make it possible to create very precise aligners for each stage of treatment. The biggest advantage this method has over traditional impressions is that we can see impressions on the screen in real time. Scanners can even show spots where there are gaps missing as data is still scanning. When this happens, we can simply move the wand back over these problem spots. This is incredibly beneficial in correcting mistakes before they happen. In traditional impressions, it is impossible to catch any mistakes until the model is cast and then the process must be repeated. Digital impressions have also been found to be 11% more accurate than traditional methods.

Additionally, digital impressions have a much speedier turnaround time than traditional impressions. Digital impressions can be submitted directly to Invisalign® allowing your treatment to begin on day one. In contrast, at this same point, traditional impressions would still be waiting for the model to set before being cleaned and prepared to be shipped to Invisalign®, adding more than a week for delivery time.

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