• Dr. Susan Baloul

Summer Braces

Updated: Apr 23

So who’s in the need for braces this summer?

Summer braces is the best time! Getting braces can feel like a putting a damper on summer vacation and your fun in the sun, but it’s not all that bad when you consider all of the positive boosts this can provide to your overall oral health.

There are a few different styles and designs that will suit whatever needs your orthodontist discovers during a visit.  The following includes a list of the different types of braces and the benefits they offer.


Traditional or Metal braces are the design most commonly associated with the idea of getting braces. Hands down, the major benefit – as is the case with all kinds of braces – is the fact that they will align and level your teeth the way they need to be adjusted. CERAMIC BRACES

Ceramic braces are similar in design and function to the traditional design, however the main difference is that while the wires are still made of metal, the brackets on each tooth are made with a conductive ceramic material.  The ceramic material makes the braces less noticeable and help speed up the realignment process because they are better than the metal at conducting heat.


Invisalign is one of the newest forms of braces out on the market today.  They include 18 to 30 custom molded plastic trays that are worn for two weeks at a time. The benefits?  Well as the name suggests, the trays are practically invisible; the only way anyone would be able to see them is if they were looking for them. Added benefits:  You can take them out to eat and drink, you aren’t restricted to the types of foods you can eat, you can still chew gum if you’re into that, and you don’t get the sore gums or have to go in for a readjustment like you would with traditional, lingual, or ceramic braces.

For more information, call Elegant Orthodontics to get answers for frequently asked questions regarding the different types of braces available and don’t forget to smile bright!!!


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