• Dr. Susan Baloul

Why Choose an Orthodontist

Updated: Apr 23

You brush your teeth twice a day.  You floss regularly… don’t you?  You’ve got good teeth… yeah… then why the need for an orthodontist visit?

Okay, so your teeth aren’t super straight… that doesn’t seem like that big of deal.  That is – unless your teeth are feeling a bit over crowded and all that oral traffic is causing your chompers to get scrambled worse than the New York Times Jumble.  And this is exactly the reason why you’d want to visit an orthodontist!

Even if you go to the dentist regularly for your six-month checkup, your dentist may refer you to an orthodontist. Your dentist covers the broader spectrum of oral health and will be able to see what’s happening with your teeth to make the assessment to refer you to an orthodontist.

Choose an Orthodontist Norwood & Boston

There are some differences between a dentist and orthodontist that some people don’t realize. Both a dentist and orthodontist are doctors and both focus on oral care, teeth and gums.  However, if a patient has an overbite, a dentist will refer the patient to an orthodontist who specializes in making sure teeth are aligned, leveled, and spaced properly.  After a visit to an orthodontist, you’ll be able to walk away with a better understanding of what is happening with the movement of your teeth.  The orthodontist will be able to identify if your teeth are crowding, if you need braces, or a spacer.

and it is for that reason that Elegant Ortho wants to be there for all of your orthodontic needs. We specialize in making sure our patients oral health needs are taken care of.  Our number one goal is to help give you the perfect smile you’ve always wanted to have.  We work with kids, teens, and adults with three offices serving the areas of Boston and Norwood.


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